Harmony and balance between practical use and esthetical beauty – that is the guiding impetus for the work of the architectural design offices VYSEHRAD atelier. Our work includes a wide spectrum of projects in the area of new construction design, reconstruction, interior design, urban and regional planning. Every project is considered individually with an effort to find new and often non-traditional solutions. The participation of the designer/architect in all phases of the project is necessary for the final result of work created from close communication with the client. The work therefore does not end with creating the design analysis, but continues in working with a stable group of collaborators on land use permits (zoning decision) and building permits, construction documents (working drawings and specifications) and tender documents (bidding documents). Engineering work, architects' site surveys and client management supervision assures the optimal implementation process. The design studio works with leading companies and consultants in the area of building static, ground construction, building environment technology, engineering construction, regional planning, historic monument restoration, landscape and garden architecture. Design and project documentation are processed digitally, and the spatial relationships of designs are checked using a 3D virtual model (visualisation, animation), or a scale model. VYSEHRAD atelier design studio has the status of an association of physical persons for the purpose of exercising authorised activities; it was founded in the year 1996. The work of the studio won awards in prestigious domestic and international competitions. We consider the most important one to be the first prize in the competition contractworld.award 2011 (category Conversion).